A MEMORIAL to a brother and sister who died after a crash on the A36 has been “desecrated” for a second time.

Salli Crouch’s (previously Grant) children Jackson Watters, 17, and Millie Crouch, 12, were killed in a collision near Steeple Langford in October 2016.

The memorial near their home in Stoford offers a place where family and friends can come and pay their respects and remember them on birthdays, anniversaries and other important occasions. 

Salisbury Journal:

The memorial before it was damaged 

“It is devastating. It is hard enough getting over the grief,” said Salli.

“It absolutely breaks my heart that someone can be so evil.”

Salli says the memorial was “desecrated again” with flowers and pots along with a decorative butterfly and sun flower chucked in bushes. The pole on one had been snapped in half. Items were also thrown into trees.

Salisbury Journal:

It is believed the latest damage happened sometime between July 11 and 23.

The memorial was previously damaged in April with bulbs ripped up and flowers thrown around and items including two angels thrown over a bush into a field.

This time the bulbs were removed and there were “no signs of them”. 

“It beggars belief. Why?,” added Salli, who feels this is “personal” with someone taking issue with the memorial and urged them to come and discuss it with her of there was a problem. 

It has been there for around five and a half years and up until this year there hadn’t been any incidents of the memorial being damaged.

Salisbury Journal:

She described the vandalism as “nasty and venomous” but says she will continue to take flowers to the site.

The latest incident of damage to the memorial, which is located on the side of the road, has been reported to Wiltshire Police.

PC Ruth Wright said: “These incidents, where flowers and memorial items have been removed and thrown around, have caused an incredible amount of distress for the family.

“This is a site which obviously holds a huge sentimental value for the family, and is something they have created to remember these two children who so tragically died.

“We are carrying out enquiries and would urge anyone with information to please get in touch.”

Anyone who witnessed any suspicious behaviour at the site should call Wiltshire Police on 101 and quote reference number 54220077739.


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