Wiltshire Council are asking for feedback on new cycling and walking plans for Salisbury and the whole county.

Two Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plans (LCWIPS) set out proposals to create connected networks for pedestrians and cyclists.

Wiltshire residents are being asked to have their say on the plans.

The council say the aim of the LCWIPs is to provide an environment that enables and encourages more trips to be made on foot or by bike. This would help improve air quality, reduce traffic congestion and cut carbon emissions.

Councillor Mark McClelland, cabinet member for transport, said: "The Wiltshire and Salisbury LCWIPs will set out the cycling and walking opportunities in our county over the short, medium and long-term, so it is important that people take this opportunity to share their views on the plans.

"In our Business Plan, we support the decarbonisation of existing transport and increased use of walking and cycling, and these LCWIPs fit firmly within that goal."

Local cycling group respond

The Cycling Opportunities Group for Salisbury (COGS) welcomes the plans and looks forward to reading the details of the five documents under consultation.

The government have committed £2 billion of funding for active travel over five years with the aim to achieve 50% of all journeys in towns and cities through walking and cycling by 2030. Wiltshire was recently allocated £0.00 for active travel.

COGS chair Hadrian Cook said: "As a small city Salisbury is ideally placed to achieve 50% of all journeys by walking and cycling but this needs leadership, investment and commitment to deliver on the LCWIP”

"It is deeply regrettable that the Wiltshire's recent application for Active Travel funding was unsuccessful in that they were allocated £0.00. This was in contrast with the £10M and £14M allocated to Oxfordshire and Gloucester Councils respectively."

Hadrian recognises that Wiltshire Council is "already falling behind other comparable councils in its aims".

The consultation on the two LCWIPs ends on September 16; after that, all responses will be considered before the plan is finalised.

To view the routes in more details, click here.

To take the survey on the Wiltshire LCWIP, click here.

To take the survery on the Salisbury LCWIP, click here.

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