A TEMPORARY play area has been put up at Ashley Road Open Space with plans to open it soon.

The current play area had to be taken down as part of work on Salisbury’s River Park scheme, which will see a new one put in its place once the works are completed.

A compound is on the site where the new play area will be which means it can’t be replaced until that is removed on completion of the works.

The temporary play area, which is hoped to be open soon, is re-using the fencing from the old play area along with the swings and slides and other play equipment.

Andy Wallis, project manager for the environment agency said: “That will stay in place until we finish works.”

Benches will also be put up and the trees taken down can be used as “informal play equipment.

An inspection will need to be carried out before it can be opened up to the public. The play area is currently fenced off. 

The Environment Agency and Salisbury City Council are designing a new play area for Ashley Road Open Space

A specialist firm will be working with local schools over the autumn to come up with designs for the new, larger play park.

Changes will also be made to the Fisherton Recreation Ground. The multi-use games area will be replaced with a new facility.