DISCOVER more about the local area this month at Salisbury History Festival.

This year’s event welcomes three top local historians. Edwin Garman will present a comprehensive look at ‘The Inns and Taverns of Salisbury’ while Anthony Hamber discusses ‘Early Photography in Salisbury 1839-1880’ including an overview of image making in Salisbury prior to the introduction of photography and a case study focusing on Salisbury Cathedral.

John Chandler presents ‘The History of Hobnob Press’. Hobnob has published more than 200 titles on local history including ‘Endless Street’, which John published in 1983.

These talks take place on Sunday, August 21, 2pm, at United Reformed Church, Fisherton Street. Tickets available from the Rocketship Bookshop in Bridge Street.

Bygone Salisbury’s Frogg Moody explores the History of Fisherton House Asylum (later the Old Manor Hospital) on August 24 at Salisbury Library, 7.30pm. Frogg worked at the hospital for many years and shares some of his personal memories . Tickets from the library.

There are also guided walks. Join Neil Beagrie and Timezone Tours as they visit the Ox Row Fireplace Graffiti, the Church House (old Salisbury Workhouse) and Historic Crane Street on August 24, Tickets from The History Bookshop, Fisherton Mill Courtyard, Fisherton Street.

Also on August 24, 7.30pm,  is The Falklands War - 40 years on Mathew Dean examines how Whitehall and Westminster mobilised to reclaim the Falkland Islands from Argentine occupation. The talk is being held at The Pheasant, Salt Lane. Tickets are available from the Rocketship Bookshop in Bridge Street, Salisbury.

Ruby Vitorino Moody launches her book The Haunch of Venison Salisbury – An A to Z History. She will reveal many of its secrets on August 25, 6pm, at the Haunch. Free entry.

George Fleming and History at Large present Inquest looking into the death of Eileen McNamee Salisbury “Titanic” victim - April 14th 1912. The facts are presented and the audience vote for the verdict. It is on August 26 and 27 , 7.30 pm at Studio Theatre, Ashley Road. Tickets from the Information Centre, Fish Row.

Join internationally acclaimed local historian and Stonehenge specialist Matt Pike for the Lake Down History Hike on Sunday, August 28, 10.30am. Learn about the history of the hamlet of Lake with its stunning views and some of the most prestigious privately owned barrow groups. Tickets are available from the Rocketship Bookshop, Bridge Street, Salisbury.

On Monday, August 29, 11am, there is a guided walk. The ‘H Team’ bring you ‘A Last Ditch Effort’.

Salisbury was once the Venice of the North but where did all the water go? This walk will visit Salisbury’s forgotten river (which is still in use) and reveal some its history.

Tickets from The History Bookshop, Fisherton Mill Courtyard, Fisherton Street.

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