A SENSE of humour and tolerance is the key to a successful marriage, according to a Salisbury couple celebrating their platinum wedding anniversary.

Lieutenant Colonel Peter and Jean Daykin married in Leeds on August 1, 1952.

Celebrating 70 years since they tied the knot, the couple, both now 91, had a party and lunch at their home on Monday, with around 30 friends and family.

Some had travelled from as far away as Spain and Thailand, to mark the important milestone.

Peter and Jean met during Peter’s travels in the army in 1946, and they kept in touch through letters.

When Peter was sent to Singapore him and Jean lost touch, but he wrote to her again, confessing he had made a mistake in breaking up, and their message exchanges continued for a further two years.

The pair eventually married, had children, and set up their permanent home in Salisbury, while Peter continued his travels with the army until 1986.

“We decided to do that because we either travel through the army and live in various places, and the boys be sent to boarding school, or we let them stay put, which is what we decided was best for them and Jean,” Peter said.

“There was quite a lot of separation but Jean was happy for me to continue my career and I was happy to keep Salisbury as our permanent home.”

Together they had four sons - Trevor, Stephen, Alan and Chris – followed by six grandchildren and one great grandchild.

After Salisbury the couple lived in Norfolk for 25 years, before returning to the city once more for a further 30 years.

Together they moved into the Platinum Skies Chapters complex three years ago.

Reminiscing, Peter said: “It’s great to have such a big family, we’ve had some really good holidays, I remember being at the beach and I would always be buried in the sand and sat on.”

Dressing as Santa Claus at Christmas and broken windows from football matches were some other favourite memories from Peter.

“It’s rare to be married for this long, but we’ve enjoyed our lives together,” he added.

When asked how it feels to be married for 70 years, Peter said: “We’re both a bit deaf, got poor eyesight, Jean has a bit of memory loss, but we’re both grateful to be here together at all, that is what we’re thankful for.”

Revealing the secret to a long, successful marriage, Peter told the Journal: “I’d have to say tolerance – you don’t agree all the time - and a sense of humour are the most important things.”

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