A WOMEN'S group in Salisbury has collected more than 2,500 bras to help support women in Africa.

The Salisbury Soroptimists filled 24 black sacks and a cardboard box with gently used bras, totalling 2,527.

This beat the collection total from the previous year.

With many collection points in the area, including one at Five Rivers Leisure Centre, the items are donated to Afreebra, the international volunteer network.

This collects pre-owned lingerie and distributes to women who cannot afford to buy their own.

Julia West, a communications and media officer for the soroptimists, said: “We have finished collecting bras now but will start the campaign again next year, usually from May to July.”

The Salisbury Soroptimist group is part of a global organisation and linked to the United Nations. The aim is to transform the lives of women and girls.

Julia added: “This Salisbury group was set up about three years ago and soroptimist means sisterhood.

“We have about fifty women as members but are hoping more will join.”

The next meeting is on September 22 at Brown Street, from 5.30pm to 7pm, and new members are welcome.

More information can be found about the Soroptimists on the group’s website.

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