A BUSINESS that would not normally be associated with doing its bit for the environment was the winner of the Green Business award.

Accident repair centre Autocrash, of Harnham, aims to ensure that everything it does creates as little impact as possible on the environment.

Representing Autocrash, which was founded 15 years ago and employs 12 people, were Cavan and Sue Mitchell and Beth Smith.

Ms Smith said everyone had "raised their level of consciousness of green issues across every aspect of the business".

She explained that companies were responsible for disposing of hazardous waste safely and Autocrash had looked at how it could minimise this waste so as not to create a problem in the first place.

It tried to be ahead of changes in legislation, she added.

Mr Mitchell said that all the car parts Autocrash took off vehicles were recycled as far as was possible, paper was re-used, office waste recycled and a big baler used for the cardboard in which car parts were delivered.

"This award will mean a lot for the staff," he said, "and it's great that we have been recognised in Salisbury for our efforts.

"It will allow us to tell customers that not only can we repair your car, but we can dispose of the parts in an environmentally friendly way."

Presenting the award were Bobbie Chettleburgh, chairman of sponsors Salisbury District Council, and Rachel Ross of Wiltshire Agenda 21.

  • Runners up-were insurance brokers Emery Little and Country Coffee.