SPECIAL people are being sought to support the police in Hampshire.

The force is looking for more volunteers who can spare four hours a week serving their community by becoming a special constable.

Special constables have been undertaking a wide range of duties supporting regular officers for the past 175 years, ranging from crewing launches in the Solent to assisting the Roads Policing Unit patrolling the highways and motorways across the region.

Kimberley Hiscock, Specials Recruitment Officer said: "It is important that we recruit more Special Constables as they play such an important role in the constabulary. Specials come from all walks of life and they bring their individuality and expertise from their daytime jobs to the role."

Special Constables are part-time volunteer officers who have exactly the same powers as regular police officers and fit their duty as a special around their day job.

Volunteers will be trained to deal with any situation and will learn a whole new range of skills. Uniforms and equipment will also be provided.

Today there are over 420 Special offices in Hampshire Constabulary and last year they performed nearly 100,000 duty hours.

If you would like to volunteer to be a Special or would like more information call Hampshire Police on 0845 045 45 45 or go to http://www.hampshire.police.uk/Internet/jobs/specialconstabulary/