A woman says she and her granddaughter "would have been killed" after a tree crushed the conservatory they were playing in just minutes earlier.

The tree fell from Salisbury City Council-owned land and the homeowner feared for the worst if she hadn't moved into the living room before the incident.

Sue Hollywood, 62, was playing barbies with her granddaughter just "10 minutes" before she heard an almighty crash from the back of her house.

Sue, of Montgomery Gardens, scrambled to her conservatory and saw the destruction caused by the fallen tree, she said: "It looked like a big white flare had been set off.

"All of the glass shattered, I was shocked, and my granddaughter burst into tears."

Salisbury Journal: The state of Sue Hollywood's conservatory.The state of Sue Hollywood's conservatory.

She is worried the other half of the tree will cause more damage if it were to fall since it looms over her house. Sue told the Journal that she expressed her concerns about the trees next to her garden to the council "10 to 15 years ago".

Salisbury Journal: Half of this tree fell onto Sue Hollywood's conservatory.Half of this tree fell onto Sue Hollywood's conservatory.

Family photographs, barbie dolls, playsets, and two televisions were some of the items broken by the impact. A layer of shattered glass still rests on the floor of the conservatory.

My granddaughter and I were playing barbies just 10 minutes before it happened. If we'd have been in there we'd have been killed.

Stressed and exhausted by the ordeal, Sue said she "hadn't slept or eaten much" since the incident, which occurred at 7.50pm on Saturday, 13 August.

"It just makes me feel sick. It's so stressful and this could be going on for weeks," added Sue.

The tree was removed on Monday morning, 15 August, but Sue had to pay £360 of her own money. Her fence was destroyed by the tree and Sue is worried that her garden is open to trespassers.

Salisbury Journal: Sue Hollywood has attempted to shelter her conservatory with tarpaulin.Sue Hollywood has attempted to shelter her conservatory with tarpaulin.

In addition to Sue's estimate of several thousands in repair costs, she said some of the family photographs are "irreplaceable" since she hasn't got access to them digitally.

Since part of the conservatory roof shattered, Sue placed a sheet of tarpaulin over it to try and protect her belongings and flooring from the weather. Despite her efforts, water still got in during periods of sustained heavy rain.

Salisbury Journal: Family photographs sustained glass and weather damage.Family photographs sustained glass and weather damage.

See where the tree fell

Correspondence with Salisbury City Council has been unsuccessful according to Sue, who feels as though the council is "just not interested".

A spokesperson for Salisbury City Council said: "Salisbury City Council Officers have been in communication with Mrs Hollywood following this unfortunate incident and have provided our insurance details so that any valid claim can be made. We have also been in contact with Mrs Hollywood’s insurance company and have been acting under their instructions.

"Salisbury City Council undertakes annual surveys on all of its tree stock. This site is in a conservation area and a full tree condition survey was conducted earlier this year by our Tree Surgeon contractor and all critical tree works were completed under exception (Dead or Dangerous). Further works will be carried out upon receipt of the necessary approvals from Wiltshire Council."

Sue claims she called the out-of-hours Salisbury City Council number repeatedly but couldn't get through to anyone until 7am on Sunday morning. She added: "Eventually I got through to someone at 7am on Sunday but by 10.30am I had heard nothing back."

Salisbury Journal: Sue's dogs, Max and Charlie.Sue's dogs, Max and Charlie.

Her two dogs, Charlie and Max, must be watched closely when out in the garden now since glass splinters flew across her new astro turf, which she has been told must be ripped up and replaced.

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