NEW parking charges come into force in Wiltshire Council car parks in Salisbury today (September 1).

Drivers will have to pay an extra 10p per hour and Blue Badge holders will be charged to park in all council car parks.

For example, Brown Street and Salt Lane car parks was £1.60 for up to an hour, from now on it'll be £1.70 for up to an hour, £3.00 for up to two hours (was £2.80), and £5.00 for up to three hours (was £4.70). These charges are in place Monday-Saturday 8am to 6pm.

Also, parking charges will be introduced at Castle Combe car park, beginning in the middle of September. This is due to a delay in sourcing the ticket machines.

The changes were agreed by the council in February, as part of the budget-making process for the financial year 2022/23 and were subject to public consultation through the Traffic Regulation Order process.

Councillor Richard Clewer, leader of Wiltshire Council, said: "The council agreed these changes following careful consideration of comments received through the statutory consultation exercise.

“Increasing parking charges is always a difficult decision, but we have not increased them in four years and have no intention of doing so for the next four years.

“The new charges will better reflect current inflation levels and rising operational costs, and also follow the strategy set out in our Local Transport Plan.

“We recognise that it may take some time for people to be aware of these changes, particularly Blue Badge holders, and as such our Civil Enforcement Officers will be taking a reasonable and sensible approach to enforcement during the first few weeks.”

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