Salisbury market traders have called upon the government to "get a rein" on "hysterical" energy prices.

This comes after Liz Truss was appointed Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on Tuesday, 6 September.

Anticipating aid for businesses, Charter Market traders told the Journal what they'd like to see on Ms Truss' priority list.

Elon Koszuk, 57, owner of All's Well Originals, has been trading in Salisbury for two years. The most pressing issue for him is high prices stemming from energy costs. He said: "I would like to see them step in and get a rein on energy prices.

"This is the time to open the oil reserves, I don’t know if they’re waiting for a Mad Max-style Armageddon but we need it right now."

Salisbury Journal: Elon Koszuk, owner of All's Well OriginalsElon Koszuk, owner of All's Well Originals (Image: Jordan Elkins, Newsquest)

Mr Koszuk said he was quoted £11,000 by his energy supplier, a price he called "hysterical". He added: "The Prime Minister shouldn’t bring a stiff upper lip kind of speech saying times are tough and that we must ride through it. We don’t have to ride through it, you must make it easier for us."

It was Jack Stride's first day at the Salisbury Charter Market on Tuesday. The 28-year-old owner of Strides New Forest Honey would like to see more support for farmers. He said: "There should be an incentive to produce food.

"As a beekeeper, I've had no grants. I had to buy everything myself."

Salisbury Journal: Jack Stride, owner of Strides New Forest HoneyJack Stride, owner of Strides New Forest Honey (Image: Jordan Elkins, Newsquest)

Mr Stride had to up the cost of his products by 50p and he said the cost of fuel is a pressing issue, adding: "It costs £40 to £50 a week more to run my vehicle now, the cost adds up."

Brian Askew has run a makeup stall in Salisbury for 22 years, he wants to see a decrease in VAT from 20 per cent down to 15 per cent. He said: "Less VAT would help and the cost of fuel needs to come down."

Despite this, Mr Askew added: "We've had it too good for too long and prices had to go up, but everything came at once."

Liz Truss secured 81,326 votes, around 57 per cent, while Rishi Sunak received 60,399 and she is the third woman to serve as Prime Minister of the UK.

What local MPs have said

John Glen, Conservative MP for Salisbury, backed Mr Sunak throughout his campaign. Despite this, Mr Glen congratulated Ms Truss on her victory.

He said: "I congratulate Liz Truss on becoming Prime Minister and wish her well in addressing the many challenges our country faces."

The cost of living crisis is a pressing issue for many people in Wiltshire and its impacts have been felt here in Salisbury as local businesses shut down due to mounting expenses.

"In the coming few days I look forward to hearing her plans to support local businesses and vulnerable consumers with rising energy costs," added Mr Glen.

Desmond Swayne, Conservative MP for New Forest West, also backed Mr Sunak. He told the Journal: "She won in a fair fight. Though I did not vote for her, she will have my support."

Danny Kruger, Conservative MP for Devizes, supported Suella Braverman in the Tory leadership race. He said: "My very sincere congratulations to Liz Truss on her victory in the Conservative leadership election.

"She fought a great campaign, articulating key Conservative principles while keeping the focus on the issues that matter to voters of all stripes: cutting the cost of living, strengthening security on our streets and at our borders, and boosting economic growth over the long term."

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