Bonfire Night is just a few weeks away now, and new research has revealed that a location in Wiltshire ranks among the best places to watch fireworks displays in the UK.

Research from has revealed that Salisbury ranks among the 15 best places in the UK for this.

It came in 13th on that list, with the top three being St David's in Pembrokeshire, Uckfield in East Sussex and Truro in Cornwall.

This was based on factors involving light pollution, which are the Bortle scale, SQM reading and artificial brightness, to create a Fireworks Visibility score.

Salisbury Journal: Firework visibility is great in a few Sussex locations (PA)Firework visibility is great in a few Sussex locations (PA) (Image: PA)

The Bortle scale is a classification system which uses astronomical observations to measure light pollution. The scale runs from 1 (darkest - best for watching fireworks) to 9 (worst- - difficult to watch fireworks).

Meanwhile, SQM (Sky Quality Meter) is an instrument used to give a reading on the luminance of the night sky. A rating of 16.00, is the lowest and therefore the brightest sky. At the other end, 22.00 is the highest and thus the darkest.

Finally, artificial brightness measures sky brightness against natural brightness, which is set at 174 µcd/m2. A rating higher than 3,000 µcd/m2 is known as ‘Very high light intensity’ and at this level the human eye does not need to adapt to the dark to see.

A link to the research can be found here.

Best places to watch fireworks displays in the UK

  1. St David's, Pembrokeshire - 74.40 (fireworks visibility score out of 100)
  2. Uckfield, East Sussex - 73.80
  3. Truro, Cornwall - 73.50
  4. Wells, Somerset - 73.20
  5. Kendal, Cumbria - 72.90
  6. Ripon, North Yorkshire - 71.40
  7. Winchester, Hampshire - 71.10
  8. Eastbourne, East Sussex - 70.80
  9. Haverhill, Suffolk - 70.80
  10. Elgin, Moray - 70.20
  11. Chippenham, Wiltshire - 69.88
  12. Ely, Cambridgeshire - 69.88
  13. Salisbury, Wiltshire - 69.58
  14. Folkestone, Kent - 68.98
  15. Hastings, East Sussex - 68.68