150 HEDGEHOGS are being expertly nursed back to health along with buzzards, foxes, deer, and badgers but the wildlife hospital is running out of provisions as demand escalates.

Many hedgehogs at the hospital were caught out by the extended warm weather in early winter and then the sudden drop in temperature.   

Salisbury Journal: Image Wiltshire Wildlife HospitalImage Wiltshire Wildlife Hospital (Image: Wiltshire Wildlife Hospital)

Co-owner of the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, Marilyn Korkis said: “Some of the hedgehogs are pretty poorly. We wrap the babies in hand towels, and we are now getting very short.

“We use webbox dog food quite a lot and cat or kitten biscuits for the hedgehogs, no fish flavours, chicken, and vegetable are best. We also need kitchen absorbent towels, old newspapers, puppy pads and dog or cat wet food.”

The hospital is also caring for two foxes both suffering from toxoplasmosis which is caused by eating animals already affected by it.

Marilyn said: “We cannot release these foxes. We are hoping they will go to a sanctuary.”

Salisbury Journal: Wiltshire Wildlife HospitalWiltshire Wildlife Hospital (Image: Annette J Beveridge Newsquest)

The hospital has been kept busy over the festive season caring for many birds and animals including herring gulls, owls, a kestrel and some swans. Some of the birds and animals recovering at the hospital were involved in road traffic accidents.  

Wiltshire Wildlife Hospital provides a 24-hour rescue and advice service and any donations can be taken to the premises based in Newton Tony in Salisbury.