As The Apprentice returns for its 17th series, many will be wondering who has the best odds of winning the popular reality TV show.

The BBC programme, which has been running since 2005, will see Lord Sugar and his inner circle of advisors scrutinise the contestants' every move as they decide this year's winner.

The show starts with 18 contestants with at least one being fired every week by Alan Sugar after a set of challenges.

This year's edition has been praised for its increased diversity with a wider selection of people and backgrounds represented.

Meet The Apprentice 2023 contestants 

The Apprentice is set to look more diverse than ever thanks to this year's batch of contestants.

This season will see the inclusion of a Safari guide named Joseph Philips who is dyslexic and Shazia Hussain, a technology recruiter with ADHD.

Here is the full list of candidates set to appear on the 2023 edition of The Apprentice: 

  • Avi Sharma
  • Bradley Johnson
  • Dani Donovan
  • Denisha Kaur Bharj
  • Emma Browne
  • Gregory Ebbs
  • Joseph Phillips
  • Kevin D’Arcy
  • Mark Moseley
  • Marnie Swindells
  • Megan Hornby
  • Reece Donnelly
  • Rochelle Anthony
  • Shannon Martin
  • Shazia Hussain
  • Simba Rwambiwa
  • Sohail Chowdhary
  • Victoria Goulbourne

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Who is set to win The Apprentice 2023 as the show returns for season 17?

Salisbury Journal: BBC/PA - Mark Moseley declared favourite by bookiesBBC/PA - Mark Moseley declared favourite by bookies (Image: BBC/PA)

Former soldier Mark Moseley from London looks set to win this year's edition of The Apprentice according to prominent bookies William Hill.

The founder of the pest control company PestGone Environment has a 5/1 chance of winning the show and its cash prize of £250,000.

Mark recently said that he is well-experienced in handling hostile environments, equipping him for the boardroom, adding: “I’m very talkative with the charm to match… I can sell to anyone.”

The favourite is followed closely by gold-medal-winning boxer Marnie Swindells at 8/1 as well as Shazia Hussain (8/1) and Denisha Kaur Bharj (9/1).

William Hill Spokesperson, Lee Phelps, said: “The prestigious competition looks wide open prior to the first episode airing tonight, and we make Mark Moseley the favourite at 5/1 to win Lord Sugar’s £250,000 investment.

“Marnie Swindells is also in with a shot of this year’s cash prize, with the former medal-winning boxer 8/1, while we shouldn’t count out Shazia Hussain and Denisha Kaur Bharj, who also take an early edge in our books at 8/1 and 9/1 respectively.”

The full betting odds for The Apprentice 2023 contestants 

Here are the full William Hill betting odds for The Apprentice 2023:

Mark Moseley - 5/1

Marnie Swindells - 8/1

Shazia Hussain - 8/1

Denisha Kaur Bharj - 9/1

Kevin D’Arcy - 10/1

Emma Browne - 10/1

Joseph Phillips - 10/1

Victoria Goulbourne - 10/1

Simba Rwambiwa - 11/1

Gregory Ebbs - 12/1

Bradley Johnson - 14/1

Shannon Martin - 14/1

Dani Donovan - 16/1

Reece Donnelly - 16/1

Avi Sharma - 16/1

Rochelle Anthony - 16/1

Meegan Hornby - 16/1

Sohail Chowdhary - 20/1

The Apprentice is returning to BBC One and BBC iPlayer on Thursday, January 5, 2023, at 9 pm.