THOUSANDS of dogs are at risk of having to be rehomed due to the cost-of-living crisis and the Dogs Trust states they have received 50,000 calls which is a record high.   

By Tuesday, January 10, the Trust had already received 1,956 handover requests which is a 50 per cent increase from the same period in 2022. 

Salisbury Journal: Image Dogs TrustImage Dogs Trust (Image: Dogs trust)

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Rehoming Centre Manager at Salisbury Dogs Trust, Claire Rowe said: "As we continue to experience incredibly high numbers of dogs needing our support, our team of fosterers play a vital role in our rehoming process by freeing up valuable space in our rehoming centre to support the next dog who has nowhere else to turn. 

"Beyond providing additional space for our dogs, our volunteer fosterers provide a home setting for our four-legged friends, giving them some TLC and helping them to adjust to life in a home. This makes it easier for us to identify their unique personality traits and match them with their forever families."

Salisbury Journal: Image Dogs TrustImage Dogs Trust (Image: Dogs Trust)

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Claire confirmed that the Dogs Trust in Salisbury is seeing a high demand for their services and shared details of just three of the dogs that need to be fostered before they can go to their forever home. 

She added: "As soon as we rehome one of our dogs, the kennel space is immediately filled. We'd love to get more foster carers on boards so we can help more dogs. Fostering isn't just good for our dogs, it is great for anyone with a dog-shaped hold in their lives but who can't commit to taking on a dog permanently."

The Dogs Trust provides everything needed for the dog including food, bedding and toys. They also cover the cost of necessary vet bills and give support.  

For more information, go to the Dogs Trust website.