THE Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for snow in Salisbury.

The yellow weather warning comes into force at 9pm tonight (Monday, March 6), and remains in place until 10am on Tuesday, March 7. 

According to the Met Office, light rain will turn into snow as the day goes on, potentially causing disruption to travel.

All information in this forecast is correct at the time of writing.

Here is the hour-by-hour forecast for Salisbury from 9pm tonight to midnight on Wednesday, March 8.

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Monday, March 6

9pm: Overcast 6C

10pm: Overcast 6C

11pm: Overcast 6C

Tuesday, March 7

12am: Overcast 6C

1am: Light rain: 5C

2am: Light showers 5C

3am: heavy showers 5C

4am: Heavy showers: 4C

5am: Heavy showers 3C

6am: Heavy showers 2C

7am:Sleet 2C

8am: Sleet 2C

9am: Sleet 2C

10am: Light rain 2C

11am: Overcast 2C

12pm: Sleet 3C

1pm: Overcast 3C

2pm: Sleet 3C

3pm: Sleet 3C

4pm: Overcast 3C

5pm: Cloudy 3C

6pm: Cloudy 2C

7pm: Cloudy 2C

8pm: Cloudy 1C

9pm: Cloudy 1C

10pm: Cloudy 1C

11pm: Cloudy 1C

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