SALISBURY man and best-selling author Mark Dawson will be releasing two new paperback books on next month. 

The books, which come out on April 13, are a part of his crime fiction series set in Salisbury and the surrounding area.

The House In The Woods follows detective Mackenzie Jones of Wiltshire CID, with the simultaneously released sequel A Place To Bury Strangers set in the Salisbury Plain and the “lost village” of Imber.

The House In The Woods follows a tragedy at a remote farmhouse in Wiltshire, in which DCI Mackenzie Jones is called to a reported shooting where Ralph Mallinder believes his father is deceased inside, only for three dead bodies to be found lying in the building. The novel unfolds into a complex and unpredictable web of mystery with genius twists, and a truly unexpected conclusion.

Dawson’s prequel to his gripping new release A Place To Bury Strangers once again follows DCI Mackenzie Jones in her mission to uncover the true reason as to why human remains have been discovered by a dog walker on the Salisbury plain.

The book refers to the Lost Village Of Imber, with the human remains being traced back to a graveyard that had been unused since the church had closed – So why are new bodies being discovered there?

The novel also gives an insight into the life of Atticus Priest, who whilst helping a single father track down his missing daughter, finds himself in the midst of London-based drug enterprise with witnesses who seem far from credible.

Having lived in Salisbury for 10 years, Mark says the inspiration behind the novels is his locality to the area, focusing on the highly popular local crime genre. His new releases will stray from his typical thrillers to focus primarily on police procedural work in localised areas, with lots of “twists and turns”.

Both The House In The Woods and A Place To Bury Strangers will be published in paperback by Welbeck and available for purchase on April 13, at £8.99 per copy.