THE SNOW CLAD and misty scenes on the film set for Great Expectations caused much excitement for Salisbury residents when filming took place in the Cathedral Close last year and now, viewers can watch the same scenes unfold as the TV series airs.

Salisbury Journal: Image: Annette J BeveridgeImage: Annette J Beveridge

Much of the filming took place in Myles Place out of sight from film fans, but that didn’t stop people from crowding around the field opposite the big house. 

People watched as fake snow-covered large areas of grass and man-made atmospheric mist drifted across the area as suitably-attired actors walked across the grounds.

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Salisbury Journal: Image: Myles HouseImage: Myles House (Image: Newsquest)

In episode one, it was possible to glimpse the horse and rider beyond the gate pacing up and down the field as filming took place inside the gardens.   

For enthusiasts who had turned out then just to catch a glimpse of star actress Olivia Coleman or another key character, there will be pleasure in watching the TV series as some of the Salisbury scenes are aired.  

For fans of Charles Dickens, there may be less enthusiasm.

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Towards the end of the first episode, we were able to glimpse inside Myles House and witness Oliva Coleman in her role as the infamous Miss Haversham. It was brief with just a hint of the cruel pleasure to come through matchmaking the two young people.

History enthusiasts may relish peering within the magnificent house that was rebuilt in 1720 on the site of an early canonical house but reviews of the TV series have been fairly acidic so far. 

Steven Knight’s version has created a stir with the opening scenes so far removed from Dicken’s own that it has left purists fuming but with so many previous versions of Great Expectations, is it unreasonable that Knight has put his own spin on it?

The question remains, will you watch it?