The scenery of Salisbury Plain will feature in a new documentary on BBC Three about Ukrainian civilians who have chosen to don battle gear and weapons to defend their country.

The documentary, “Ready for War?,” airing at 9pm on Wednesday, April 12, shows Stacey Dooley joining Ukrainian civilians-turned-soldiers as they undergo the fast, intensive training being offered by the British Army.

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Salisbury Journal: Stacey Dooley with Ukrainian recruit Pasha (Image: BBC/True Vision East/Blanca Munoz)Stacey Dooley with Ukrainian recruit Pasha (Image: BBC/True Vision East/Blanca Munoz) (Image: BBC/True Vision East/Blanca Munoz)

The programme gives a particular focus to a handful of civilians who will be filling ranks on the frontline- welder Pasha, 30, florist Mykola, 31, specialist jeweller Artem, 32 and car mechanic Serhii, 42. The show also features interpreter Aliia, 31, who will not be going to the frontline.

Stacey spoke with the BBC about her inspiration for the documentary and the experience of filming it.

She said: “I hope viewers will realise that honestly none of us are completely guaranteed a safe life.  None of us know what the future holds and you have to imagine how you would like to be treated if it suddenly became impossible for you to live in your own home (through no fault of your own).  I've always felt like this when covering those who have been forced to experience war.”