WHAT could you do in 1980's Salisbury, that you can't do now?

That was the question we posed to our readers on Facebook, and we received an overwhelming number of responses, with many readers sharing their nostalgic memories.

Here are a few of our favourites:

Vivian Wells used to: "Gaze in wonder at the wall of Easter eggs in Woolworths."

Spencer Mulholland has a very specific memory: "My favourite thing was the smell of roasting coffee beans coming from the Baytree Restaurant as you walked down the High Street."

This is the most 1980's thing imaginable from Kathryn Salmon: "Walk around with a roll of lino before break dancing on it!"

Matt Råwlinson isn't the only one who said this: "Travel down Southampton Road in under 20 minutes."

Caroline Corbin liked to party: "Have a variety of clubs and nightlife."

So did Melissa Terry: "Boogie the night away at Concords."

Mark Hewson was a gamer before it was cool: "Play Joust at the arcade in Brown Street."

Georgina Beresford has always been stylish: "Get ya jeans and kickers in Mcqueens."

Rachel Shergold misses the simpler traffic system: "Drive two ways on every street, not like the one-way system now on so many streets."

Liz Young had her priorities right: "Buy a big slice of quiche in Snells."

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