FEWER than four percent of the electorate voted in today's parish poll. 

It was held to decide whether the people of Salisbury would support a five percent cap on future increases to the Salisbury City Council precept and a parish consultation if any proposed increase is larger than five per cent.

The polls opened at 4pm this afternoon and closed at 9pm. 

Counting started at around 9.40pm and was finished just after 10.10pm. 

The count and declaration took place at the Guildhall.

Salisbury Journal: Perry Holmes, Deputy Returnjng Officer announcing the resultPerry Holmes, Deputy Returnjng Officer announcing the result (Image: Newsquest)

992 people voted yes, 206 people voted no, and four people spoiled their ballot papers. 

It was a turn out of roughly 3.92 per cent, out of an electorate 30,698. 

The poll will cost the city council roughly £18,000 and the results are not legally binding. 

Reaction to come.