The three Armed Services are preparing for the King’s Coronation on Saturday in what is named Operation Golden Orb.

Every Regiment and Corps is sending at detachment to march in the Coronation procession and at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, 1,546 soldiers from more than 40 Armoured and Infantry units taking part in the Coronation have gathered at the historic site. 

Among their number is Captain Jordan Charles Whiteman who will be marching at the head of the Fusiliers detachment.

Captain Whiteman’s Grandfather Sergeant Charles White took part in the 1953 Coronation when he was a serving member of the Irish Guards and spent time deployed in Egypt before settling in Tidworth where the Fusiliers are now based.

The Army will play a key role in two ceremonial processions on the 6th of May, accompanying Their Majesties both to and from Westminster Abbey through the streets of Central London

Rehearsals for three of the eight processional groups who will participate on the 6th of May. The rehearsal will see the groups following a route which will replicate the actual distances of the London Coronation Processional route.


The Ten Tors Challenge, organised by Army South West, which took place on Dartmoor last weekend saw 2,400 teenagers in 400 teams of six navigating routes of 35, 45 or 55 miles (depending on age) over the Northern half of Dartmoor, visiting ten nominated tors / check points in under two days.

Nine local teams, two from Bishop Wordsworth’s School, four from Godolphin School Combined Cadet Force and three from Wiltshire Army Cadet Force successfully completed the arduous challenge.

Teams had to be self-sufficient, carrying all that they need to complete their route and stay out overnight safely.


Recently appointed Chairman of the Salisbury Branch Royal British Legion, Jon Everett, has just completed his Royal British Legion Walk100 miles in April with total miles walked 102.5 raising £360.

Jon, who was educated at Westwood St Thomas School, was in the Operations Branch of the Royal Navy before returning to Salisbury and setting up a successful driving instruction school.