People watching Eurovision 2023 will be able to spot a familiar local landmark. 

Stonehenge features in the promotional video ahead of Israel's act Noa Kirel. 

It is part of a series of promotional videos shown before each act that showcases a famous landmark, feature, area or building from the home country, last year's winner Ukraine and the country performing.

Prehistoric monument Stonehenge, which is about eight miles north of Salisbury, is shown via drone footage. 

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It is one of the most famous and recognisable landmarks in the world, and has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The site dates back to around 2500 BCE, making it over 4,500 years old. The purpose of Stonehenge remains a mystery, but it is believed to have been used as a religious or ceremonial site, or possibly as an astronomical observatory.

Also featured in the promo video is Uritsky Rocks, one of the most picturesque sites in the Ukrainian Carpathians, located in the National Park Skole Beskids.

The rugged landscape of Masada in the Judaean Desert is shown to represent Israel. Masada is in Israel on the edge of the Judean desert, between Ein Gedi and Sodom, and is a symbol of the ancient kingdom of Israel. 

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The final of Eurovision 2023 will take place on Saturday, May 13 and will be shown to  an expected global audience of 160 million viewers.

The show will see 26 acts perform in Liverpool. Eurovision is an annual song contest that began in 1956, and is being held in the UK after it was won by Ukraine last year. 

The UK's 2022 entry Sam Ryder came second and the UK offered to host the competition. 

Salisbury Journal: Eurovision 2023

Noa Kirel, who is representing Israel with her song Unicorn, is already an established popstar and actress who has had her own TV series. 

She is also a judge on 'Music School' and 'Israel’s Got Talent', where she’s been known to treat the audience to spontaneous performances.

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Her performance has been highly rated for her energetic dance moves, but is not expected to beat favourites Sweden or Finland. 

Despite Israel not being on the continent of Europe, the country is allowed to compete in the competition due to a technical broadcasting regulation.  

The UK will be represented by Mae Muller with her song I Wrote A Song. 

It will be shown on BBC1 from 8pm and also in iPlayer.