OUR city has changed quite a lot in recent years, but have you noticed just how much?

It's time to get nostalgic and take a look for yourselves, use the slider graphic to compare these locations in the town to how they looked in previous years.

First up is the Market Square outside the Guildhall, who remembers the car park?

Next, we have the Ray Mac Stadium, you can see the addition of houses and developments in the background.

Next up is Fisherton Street, you can see a slight difference in the shops here:

How about this one? Milford Street looks a bit different nowadays than it does in these two photos:

One more for you to reminisce over, the addition of Aldi means that London Road has changed quite a bit:

It has been just river a decade since the original photos were captured, Salisbury has changed rather a lot since then.

Are you surprised by how much our city has changed?

Let us know if you miss any particular place in the comments.