AN invoice to the city council has broken down the cost attached to running a parish poll.

Salisbury City Council was given a bill of £39,627.57 on May 25, for the non-legally-binding parish poll held to cap future rises in council tax to five per cent.

This cost was originally estimated to be £18,000 and the revelation of its true cost has left leading councillors up in arms about financial pressures.

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Today, Friday, May 26, the Journal can reveal a breakdown of the invoice sent to Salisbury City Council from Wiltshire Council, which ran the poll.

There were polling stations at Five Rivers Leisure Centre and the Guildhall between 4pm and 9pm on April 20.

The largest cost to the city council is funding staff, which totalled £17,142, around 57 per cent of the total.

It cost £8,779.05 to rent the space at Five Rivers Leisure Centre, the council did not charge for the use of the Guildhall.

Ballot papers were the third most expensive item, totalling £3,339 to print and provide them.

Staff training was costed at £2,575 while transporting the polling and count equipment cost £2,332.40.

Traffic management at Five Rivers cost the city council £1,458 and subsidising travel cost £1,587.36.

Other costs included:

  • Prep and administration of poll and count - £1,220.
  • Training for all staff - £450.
  • Printing of all paperwork - £369.76.
  • Collection, adaption and repair stamps - £180.
  • Stationery for poll stations and count - £160.
  • Confidential waste storage/destruction - £20.
  • Ballot paper artwork and proofing - £15.