A PUPPY dumped in Stinkpot Alley has been rehomed to live a life of luxury by the sea.

Dibble, who is roughly six months old, had a rough start to his life when he was found freezing to death in a cardboard box with his brother Rupert.

He had been dumped at the bottom of Stinkpot Alley, Salisbury, but was luckily found by a dog walker before his condition became fatal.

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Salisbury Journal: When Dibble first came to the vet he skinny and covered in fleas.When Dibble first came to the vet he skinny and covered in fleas. (Image: Pet Practice Vets)

While the brothers had to be split up so that they could make a full recovery, they have both gone on to live happily with their new families.

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Dibble was sent to Pet Practice Vets in Churchfields on January 31 where he was cared for around the clock. 

Helen Vickery, who worked at the vet, fostered Dibble on February 2 and brought him home to her other six dogs to give him a brilliant second chance in life.

Two and a half months later, Dibble found a "lovely new life" and was rehomed to Abbie and Wardy Ward-Jones in Appledore, Devon, who have two other dogs.

Salisbury Journal: Dibble with his brother and sister on the balcony.Dibble with his brother and sister on the balcony. (Image: Abbie Ward-Jones)

Helen made the "heartbreaking" decision to rehome Dibble with sighthound specialist Forever Hounds Trust because he "needed to move on".

She initially fostered him so that he could be looked after daily but after he was fully rehabilitated he needed a home where he could have someone's full attention.

Helen told the Journal that her other six dogs require a lot of her attention, adding: "It has been a heartwrenching but rewarding journey. His life could have been very different."

Salisbury Journal: Dibble.Dibble. (Image: Helen Vickery)

Dibble's new owner Abbie has two other 10-and-a-half-year-old dogs who she takes for walks along the beach every day.

With a sea-view balcony, an 80-foot garden and plenty of toys, Dibble has settled in well.

Since Abbie's dogs are getting older now, and they are more of her husband Wardy's, she wanted to get a puppy of her own.

"I don't have children so he is my baby," she said.

This is the second dog Abbie has rescued with Forever Hounds, she added: "Getting a rescue changed me as a person. They taught me more about loving and trust than anything else."

For more information about rescuing a dog through Forever Hounds, visit foreverhoundstrust.org.