A MUM is raising money to fund her service dog's surgery after it was bitten in the eye.

Amanda Rankin, from Bulford, got her Belgian Malinois cross Boxer Rosie two months ago from the rescue group Help For Hounds to counteract panic attacks and anxiety.

During her time in foster care, Rosie was bitten in the eye by another dog while playing which damaged her eye duct.

Salisbury Journal: Amanda Rankin with her son and Rosie.Amanda Rankin with her son and Rosie. (Image: Amanda Rankin)

This incident happened three to four weeks before Amanda got the dog but she was not made aware of the injury.

Now, the mother of four is trying to raise £7,000 to pay for a CT scan and surgery to treat Rosie's eye before her condition gets worse.

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Rosie has previously suffered an infection in which the top layer of skin around her eye came off due to the injury.

Salisbury Journal: Rosie's infected injury.Rosie's infected injury. (Image: Amanda Rankin)

Amanda said Rosie has made a "massive difference" to her life, adding: "I generally don't like going out myself but Rosie stops me thinking about everything because my concentration is on her."

Rosie is on a waiting list with Recovery Assistance Dogs to be taught distraction techniques to help when Amanda's panic attacks "flair up".

Despite her injury, five-month-old Rosie still "shines through" and is a popular guest at Amesbury Wetherspoons.

So far Amanda has raised £335 toward her target. To view the funding page visit gofund.me/2cd9bcbf.