THE 79th Anniversary of D-Day was marked in Salisbury by a memorial held by the Royal British Legion.

The service took place in front of the War Memorial, outside of the Guildhall.

It was led by the new Salisbury branch chairman of the Royal British Legion, Jonathon Everett.Salisbury Journal:

Jonathon told the Journal: "It's important to remember the D-Day landings every year, as time goes on fewer veterans will be around to remember it, it's so important that we mark occasions like this to reflect on our history

"D-Day taught us to learn from the past and support countries facing hostilities, to make sure things like this never happen again.

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"At the Royal British Legion we help to support veterans and their families, as well as the local community, we want them to know that we are here to help so do get in touch."

At 6:30am on June, 6, 1944, more than 160,000 Allied troops landed along a 50-mile stretch of heavily-fortified French coastline, to fight Nazi Germany on the beaches of Normandy, France.

The exact number of allied casualties from D-Day are unknown but is estimated between 5,000 and 12,000.

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The service today was held in honour of all allied troops who bravely fought to protect our country from tyranny.

Mayor of Salisbury, Councillor Atiqul Hoque was in attendance and laid the first poppy wreath on the memorial.

He said: "It is important, not only for Salisbury but for the whole of Great Britain, to remember all of the sacrifices that were made, they have given their today for our tomorrow, so it is important for all of us to remember this day.

"It will always have a huge significance on the lives of everyone, because of them, we are here today."Salisbury Journal:

Cllr Hoque added: "Everything we face, we have the resilience in Salisbury to come together and fight it off, be it Novichok or Covid

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"Salisbury is doing its part in society, hosting Ukrainian refugees, and everybody out there should feel that Salisbury is there to support them. We will fight for what is right.