The food bank at Amesbury Baptist Centre has become a centre of support for people who have been affected by a fire which ripped through a number of flats last week. 

The Baptist Church, which is opposite the block of flats that caught fire on Friday, June 9, has been offering support to all families that need it. 

Reverand Barry Davis told the Salisbury Journal that it has been a “privilege” to help the residents of Sandell Place have been forced to evacuate their homes.

The fire broke out at Sandell Place at approximately 7.09pm, with fire crews from across Wiltshire and Hampshire tackling the blaze. 

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Revd Davis said: "It has been shock horror. Unbelievable, and yet not unbelievable because of the accrued amounts of rubbish that had been kept and not cleared from the back lot.”

The Church immediately opened up its doors to help families who were evacuated by the fire service. 

Revd Davis added "We opened up our centre as a community area for people, with teas and coffees and just somewhere to chat, as they’ve nowhere else to go to.

“Our strapline is serving God and the community in the name of Jesus Christ. In our community, whatever means that is."

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Salisbury Journal: Families have relied on help from the food bankFamilies have relied on help from the food bank (Image: Isabella Holliday)

The Church has been helping residents who have lost everything, and the food bank has been valuable to many. 

Before the fire, the church would hold two weekly food banks for those in need, and it has now become a staple in providing victims, and their hosts, with food. 

Food is supplied from local supermarkets, but the One Stop, below the damaged flats, has ‘cleared’ its shelves to support the food bank. The small shop remained closed on Monday, June 12. 

A meeting for residents has been organised to take place on Monday hosted by the church and led by members of the council.

Wiltshire Council have also helped with finding accommodation for residents.