Hail one and Hail all,

Next Autumn we will be invited to cast our vote in the General election, assuming that we are eligible and possess the required photo ID.

General election, they call it, so let's see the sort of Generals lining up to represent us, shall we?

There's the incumbent Tory, pretty much a 'Party Man,' seems to vote with the government at every twist and turn.

Alternately there's the Labour candidate. Labour, that's His Majesty's Loyal Opposition, as they are called in Parliament. Loyal? Certainly. But opposition? We haven't seen much of that, aside from the usual name calling, since their change of leadership, have we?

Then there's the Liberals who still haven't got over the fact that we left the European Union, or the Greens who seem to back any idea that's anti-vehicle, whatever it is, even if it doesn't actually lower emissions and is just an excuse for local authorities to levy a stealth tax.

Or, and here's where it differs here in Salisbury, you could always vote for me like the hundreds who did last time.

A lot of you already know where I stand on most issues and most of you know how tenacious an advocate I can be. If you don't, well, you have just over a year to find out. I shan't be going anywhere. I live here in Salisbury and work hard challenging the authorities herein at and around Stonehenge.

King Arthur Pendragon 
Proposed Independent Parliamentary candidate for Salisbury.