THE OUTCOME for the Muntjac deer previously trapped in the river Avon in April has finally been confirmed.

Having spent hours in the river Avon where a team from Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service (DWFRS) had spent considerable time trying to save it, the deer was eventually captured when the crew had waded into the water and caught it.  

Clinical director, at Endell Veterinary Surgery, Adam Sheridan said: “We received the deer following its rescue and it was in a severe state of shock. 

"The deer had sustained injuries on its back legs and needed treatment including antibiotics."

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Muntjac deer are small stocky animals initially from China. 

They have backwards sloping, unbranched horns and distinctive long canine teeth and are often called barking deer because their calls are similar to that of a dog.

Following the Facebook Live where Journal readers had watched the rescue from start to finish, there was a great deal of interest to find out whether the deer had survived its ordeal. 

Adam Sheridan added: "Fortunately, there was a positive outcome for this deer.”

As an invasive species, it is often best to usher animals towards a safer space and to leave it alone, but in this case, it was not possible.