I'm baffled to understand the reasoning behind Salisbury Reds re-routing the R10 bus.

It now goes up Roman Road, leaving out both Canadian Avenue and St. Gregory's Avenue, I rang Salisbury Reds today and was told this was permanent but, no explanation why.

As a man who is blind, this now means I have to walk down to Wilton Road or risk life crossing Devizes Road where there is no crossing point.

If as I suspect, this has been done due to drivers moaning about turning in and out of Canadian Avenue due to cars parking near the bottom of the road, wasn't it then Salisbury Reds duty to contact both district and Wiltshire councils to address the issue and install double yellow lines as far up to the bus stop?

The R10 was used by those from Harper Road, India Avenue plus Christie Millar etc plus the above mentioned, the R10 re-route will inconvenience a lot of elderly as well as myself.

Not impressed!

Gary White

Canadian Avenue


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