I share your correspondent’s concern over China’s level of greenhouse gas emissions (Postbag, August 10).

In 2021 China’s CO2 emissions reached 8 billion tonnes followed by the USA and India with 5 and 2.7 billion and the UK with 0.347 billion.

But China has the second highest population, a comparison of territorial per capita emissions indicates: USA on 14.9 tonne, Australia 15, China 8.05, UK 5.15, India 1.93 and the world average 4.69 tonne.

China's CO2 emissions are now expected to peak in 2025, five years earlier than planned.

If we account for emissions associated with manufacture of our imports from China, then our consumption emissions rise to approx. 10 tonne, reducing China’s figure.

Often things are not as simple as they first seem.

Our species was fortunate to advance and develop during a period in the earth’s evolution when climatic conditions supported our growth and enabled us to flourish.

We now see this is starting to change and is evidenced by the scientific data collected over the past 60 years.

Edward Teller was a nuclear physicist and part of Oppenheim’s ‘Manhattan Project.’ In 1959 he spoke at the Energy and Man symposium – organised by the American Petroleum Institute where he clearly warned the oil industry of the dangers of continued burning of fossil fuel.

The previous year David Keeling had initiated monitoring of atmospheric CO2 on Mauna Loa in Hawaii, demonstrating the inexorable annual rise ever since.

For the science, google - The Royal Society, The Met Office, NASA, NOAA, and Nature Climate.

Dr Richard Sharp

West Winterslow