DURING the hottest ever June this year, Salisbury experienced temperatures as high as 29C and humidity levels of 100 per cent.

A wet bulb temperature (i.e.100% humidity) of 35C persisting beyond six hours can cause serious health consequences or death.

We’ve been lucky so far this summer. Last summer in Salisbury, temperatures reached 35C.

Nationally, UKHSA and ONS attributed 2,803 deaths, as a result of the 2022 summer heatwaves.

Meanwhile, the EU recorded 61,000 deaths resulting from the heatwaves.

The undisputed culprit is climate change. A local climate survey of Salisbury residents, carried out this year, shows that 94 per cent are concerned about the climate crisis and 91 per cent think the government should be doing more to prevent climate change.

So, I despair at our government’s recent pledge to approve 100 new oil and gas licences.

The IEA’s report on transitioning to a net zero energy system by 2050, states that ‘no new oil and natural gas fields are needed’.

The pledge by our PM acts against the guidance provided by the IEA and risks the UK’s ability to meet net zero targets by 2050.

The consequences of this failure will be catastrophic for life on our planet. Nor will it increase energy security.

The extracted fossil fuels will be sold on international markets and not reserved for UK use.

UK taxpayers will be paying fossil fuel subsidies as well as inflated energy prices, determined by the market.

I, like many other Salisbury residents, hope that the PM reconsiders this move, for all our sakes.

Jabeen Wise

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