A NEW extremely cute four-legged recruit has joined Wiltshire Police. 

But trainee police dog Maverick will have to wait a little while until he'll be out on the streets fighting crime as he's still a pup. 

After keeping the keen newbie under wraps, the county's force has now introduced the young dog to the public - including several, quite frankly, adorable pictures of him in action. 

On the Wiltshire Police Dogs Twitter page, a spokesman for the police unit said: "We’ve been keeping him under wraps as it’s early days and it’s baby steps for the latest new recruit to Wiltshire …TPD Maverick.

Salisbury Journal: Maverick, the new recruit for Wiltshire PoliceMaverick, the new recruit for Wiltshire Police (Image: Wiltshire Police)

"He’s had his first vets visit and has been doing some basic training which is going well so far."

It seems that Maverick's days of striking fear into the hearts and minds of criminals are still ahead of him, as the majority of the public reacting to the announcement said something along the lines of 'awww'.

Salisbury Journal: Meet Maverick, the new Wiltshire Police recruit Meet Maverick, the new Wiltshire Police recruit (Image: Wiltshire Police)

One person said: "Those whiskers lol be still my beating heart."

Another added: "He's totally gorgeous! Look at this little face - sweet."

Salisbury Journal: Meet trainee police dog Maverick, Wiltshire Police's newest recruit