MORE THAN 100 drones took part in a display with images of tanks, helicopters, and soldiers to raise awareness of the dangers of people entering military land. 

This followed 3,000 incidents of people crossing onto military training land and walking across live-firing ranges, where pyrotechnics and explosives are set up. Almost 10 per cent of the incidents were termed as near-miss incidents.  

The aim of the display and new campaign "Respect the Range" was to make people aware of how quickly these areas could turn from calm surroundings to combat zones. 

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Salisbury Journal: Respect the Range Campaign DisplayRespect the Range Campaign Display (Image: DIO/PA Wire)

The display took place at Tenby but included Salisbury Plain, Lulworth in Dorset, Longmore in Hampshire, Catterick in Yorkshire, Holbeach and Donna Nook in Lincolnshire and Barry Buddon in Scotland.

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Defence Infrastructure Organisation’s (DIO) head of overseas and training region and the Defence Training Estate, Brigadier Jonathan Bartholomew said: “In the last two years alone, the threats and challenges our country faces have evolved. Our Armed Forces are central to protecting the UK’s interests, especially at a time of heightened tensions across the globe.

“Through the “Respect the Range” safety campaign, we are asking the public to help us to keep them safe when accessing training land, as well as ensuring our Armed Forces can carry out their vital training uninterrupted.”

The incidences on the UK Defence Training Estate took place between September 2021 and September 2022.