At 4:14am two mornings ago I was awakened by an old friend; Kidney stones! It has been eight years since I had last encountered such an experience.

Described by a woman friend of mine as more painful than childbirth. Excruciating pain, one I was very familiar with, once encountered, never to be forgotten.

I dialled 111 from then on I was in the compassionate care of the Salisbury District Hospital.

An ambulance arrived within 15 minutes of my call for help. Fred and Rebecca made me comfortable and delivered me to the A & E unit.

I could not have been treated with more care and compassion. My brother in similar circumstances had a scan, then had to wait 10 days for the results, not in Salisbury.

I encountered a concerned, professional approach at all levels of care from reception to finally going home.

I was seen to well within the projected time of two to three hours. I was scanned, my results having been compared to my previous kidney scans, the duty A & E doctor met with me 45 minutes later.

With compassionate understanding, I was probed as to the events leading up to my latest medical emergency.

A corrective course of action decided upon, a large mug of tea and a packet of biscuits set me upon my feet, to await transport home with clear instructions as to what happens next.

When all Levels of a professional team mesh together as they did for me at the SDH, the skills, compassion and team work create the sort of calm environment that is wonderful to experience. Congratulations!
The whole team are an example for best practice within the NHS. My grateful thanks and admiration.

Well done  

Peter Hime

Hamilton Road