I was amused to see the article about the protest by Extinction Rebellion and Sacred Earth against the A303 tunnel at least half mile from Stonehenge.

The United Kingdom accounts for less than one percent of the total pollution emissions and China, at 27 per cent, is the largest polluter contributing more than the developed world countries’ economies combined.

I would therefore be more impressed if these protesters carried out their juvenile protests in Tiananmen Square.

Fat chance of that happening. Equally facile is UNESCO’s threat to remove the World Heritage status from Stonehenge if the tunnel goes ahead.

Perhaps the protesters and UNESCO should have a look at a map of Pompeii, another World Heritage site, they will notice the E45 autostrada close by the entrance on one side and a mainline railway line on the other.

Do I detect a measure of hypocrisy from UNESCO and the protesters?

Or do they believe the inhabitants of Winterbourne Stoke and Amesbury are not entitled to a peaceful life and fresh air?

JMH Saer

Harnham, Salisbury