Many drivers in Wiltshire aren't leaving enough space when parking on the street - and the consequences can be lethal.

This weekend marks the end of school holidays for most families across Wiltshire, with children getting ready to return next week.

But with rail strikes also set to affect the country on Saturday, the Dorset & Wiltshire Fire & Rescue Service is concerned about how many cars could be parking on the road.

The fire service have warned drivers to be think when they park and says increasing numbers of emergency vehicles in Wiltshire can’t get through.

“In an emergency, every second that the emergency services are delayed could have serious, life-threatening consequences,” the fire service have said.

“Poor or inconsiderate parking, even if only for a few minutes, can delay us during an emergency call and, in the case of a rapidly developing fire, every second counts.”

The smallest fire engine needs at least three metres of clearing in order to pass through a road, which is approximately the width of two cars.

Roads near to schools often cause the biggest problem for emergency services, but high streets and roads near to fire stations are also big culprits.

“When called, our on-call firefighters have to be at their station within five minutes," the service said.

"Any delay in arriving has a negative effect on our operational effectiveness.

"To make sure that you are not slowing down emergency vehicles, check whether you could fit two cars through, pull in your wing mirrors if possible and don’t park too close to corners."