We seem to be moving towards yet another cycle of proposal/opposition/inquiry/cancellation/study/consultation for bypassing Stonehenge, which has gone on for two decades or more. 

The underlying requirement seems to provide an “uninterrrupted” southwards view from Stonehenge, which hasn’t existed in anyone’s lifetime. 

Reconciling the opinions of different groups of activists seems impossible;  the only beneficiaries to date have been bureaucrats and lawyers, with huge sums wasted and not a spade in the ground. 

Meanwhile millions of people have been inconvenienced by traffic delays, wasting time and fuel and adding to emissions.

It’s time for the government to stop pandering to noisy minorities (which happens all too often) and think of the needs of the voting majority. 

Just get on and dual the existing A303, including bypassing Winterbourne Stoke, at a fraction of the cost - with a tight remit to Highways England.

Philip Corp

Devonshire Road


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