Travelling down Fisherton Street has become a hassle recently, as vehicle traffic on the traditionally two-way street has been reduced to one southbound lane and numerous barricades have made the eastern side pavement impassable for pedestrians.

Little visible work has been seen on the Fisherton Gateway Project, a £3.2m project to revitalize the first part of Salisbury tourists see after arriving on the train. The venture is being funded with part of the £9.4m Wiltshire Council received from the national Future High Streets Fund for improvements to Salisbury City Centre.

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Paul Shaddock, senior traffic engineer for Wiltshire Council, explained in a presentation at the Full City Council meeting on Monday, September 4 that the reason few changes can presently be seen is because the work currently being performed is preparation.

Paul said: “Work has started, we will be getting there soon. We’re doing all of the highly useful and important things, so you don’t see much happening at the moment. We’re doing the trial holes and locations of the services, because obviously we want to make sure we don’t cut somebody’s BT, water, gas and all of these other things.

“In the next few weeks you’ll start to see more work taking place once we’ve got all of that set out and worked out.”