What a perfect example of how being over educated, having a complete void where common sense should be and ignorance towards the voices of people with good local and historical knowledge can put you in a position to allow consents to build on a centuries old flood plain.

Some of my relatives live in Queensland Australia where similar stupidity took place when cheap land was built on.

Sadly after a few years a rainstorm saw the homes end up some distance from their foundations. Bad enough to be building traditional houses of brick but in this age of timber and plasterboard I dread to think what issues occupants can look forward to.

I dread to think what home insurance will cost and some probably wouldn't touch the property with a barge pole, which unfortunately may be a handy thing to have if you buy one.

Winter has not even hit us yet and the need for pumping stations beyond the original plans are now needed to keep the sight viable. Utterly ridiculous and shameful.

Mark Annetts,

Sunnyhill Road, Salisbury