THE NEW mural painted on the Culture Coffee cafe wall on Fisherton Street is causing mixed reactions from those who have seen it. 

Professional arts and partners David Shillinglaw and Lily Mixe created the artwork and have extensive experience painting murals having worked in countries such as Tokyo and Barcelona. 

The artwork is the culmination of a national call for submissions with a brief of the 'future'. 

The Journal asked passers-by what they thought about the mural. Many were drawn to the bright colours but others were unsure that it represented Salisbury or even, the meaning of the artwork. 

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Salisbury Journal: Mandy SaundersMandy Saunders (Image: Annette J Beveridge)

Mandy Saunders said: “It is the first time I have seen it. I am not quite sure what it has to do with Salisbury, I don’t know whether there is a particular vibe they are going for when the street is done. I’m a little bit on the fence about it.

“It’s bright, it’s eye-catching as you come down the street. I might have preferred to have seen something related to Salisbury.”

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Salisbury Journal: The Wilcox FamilyThe Wilcox Family (Image: Annette J Beveridge)

The Wilcox family are visitors to Salisbury.

Diane Wilcox said: "We are outsiders and I don't know what was there before. It is lovely. It's pretty but I don't really understand it. I  don't know that it hits you with a meaning."

Colin Wilcox said: "I noticed it and thought shall I take a photo? I didn't but it is nice and bright and it must mean something to someone."  

The Joseph family stopped to have a look. They live in Salisbury and regularly walk up and down Fisherton Street. They are happy with the finished mural. 

Frinto Joseph said: " To have something new here is very good. It is very nice, it is colourful."

Matthew Poulton, who was visiting Salisbury from Devon said: "I am from Barnstaple, they have done something similar. It's bold and colourful.

"I feel it is good with the ecology and environment. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

On Facebook, an article about the unveiling of the mural led to many mixed comments. 

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Kelly Moore said: "It doesn't fit the scene, maybe on the side of a school or something like that would have been better but a river is supposed to be peaceful and tranquil. The mural just looks like a headache, having said that Fisherton Street is a headache at the moment"

Carol Byrne said: "Love it, so colourful and vibrant, much better than the dingy wall that it is on. Looking forward to lots more murals going up around the City."

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Terence Winn said: "It looks totally out of place."

Rachael Green said: "Don't know why but I absolutely love it. Brings colour to the city which it needs. It's a modern world and we need to follow it."

Chair of the Salisbury Civic Society, Stephanie Siddons Deighton, told the Journal previously that it had been a privilege to work with David and Lily.  

She said: "They have provided the Society with an exceptional opportunity to contribute to public art in Salisbury by sponsoring a design that fulfils one of our key aims of shaping the future, whilst reflecting the lively and diverse nature of Fisherton Street and its cosmopolitan atmosphere."

The mural is separate from the multi-million-pound Fisherton Gateway project.