In December 2020 the Journal kindly published my letter drawing parallels between the Stonehenge Tunnel and HS2. 

I return to the issue as I learn from national media that HS2 has become little more than a fiasco. 

It will not connect even with Manchester, let alone the north-east (so much for levelling up.)

Furthermore, if you were coming from Birmingham for a meeting or interview in central London, you would be deposited at a station some six miles from Euston, with a further journey to make, probably on the Elizabeth Line (so much for the saving of time.) 

Naturally, the budget has spiralled out of control; one media source succinctly remarks that the Government has already “spent most of the money with almost none of the benefit.” 

It seems to me as certain as it did in 2020 that the Tunnel, if it goes ahead, would end up as a similar disaster area. 

Richard Merwood 

Wain-a-Long Road, Salisbury

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