THE MAYOR of Salisbury represented the city at the Commonwealth Trade and Investment Forum in Bangladesh last week following an invitation from the Chairman Lord Marland of Odstock.

The Commonwealth Trade and Investment Forum took place on  Wednesday,  September 13 and Thursday, September 14 in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Councillor Atiqul Hoque is the first British Bangladeshi Mayor of Salisbury and he met the Bangladesh Prime Minister conveying the connection Salisbury has with the country. 

Salisbury Journal: Mayor Atiqul Hoque meets the Prime Minister of BangladeshMayor Atiqul Hoque meets the Prime Minister of Bangladesh (Image: Atiqul Hoque)He said: "It’s good to see Salisbury making representations internationally. I'm grateful to Salisbury’s very own Lord Marland of Odstock as the chairman who introduced me in front of a full auditorium in Dhaka was overwhelming.

"It’s been an honour to meet Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and convey the message of the unique connection Salisbury has with Bangladesh."

The connection dates back to 1972 when the Prime Minister of the time, Sir Edward Heath acknowledged it as a free independent country.

This acknowledgmeent led to other European and Commonwealth nations also recognising Bangladesh and its induction into the Commonwealth.

Salisbury Journal: Edward Heath meeting the former Bangladeshi Prime MinisterEdward Heath meeting the former Bangladeshi Prime Minister (Image: Atiqul Hoque)Read more: Shop reveals how many people queued at the grand opening 

He added: "I was extremely happy that I’ve also managed to repeat the famous handshake took place back in 1972. who would’ve thought 53 years later there will be a British Bangladeshi Mayor in Salisbury keeping the legacy alive. "

Sir Edward Heath lived in Arundells which is located within the Cathedral Close and a plaque of appreciation is still in place.

The Prime Minister confirmed to the Mayor of Salisbury she will do her utmost to visit the city on her next visit to the UK.