UNESCO has expressed concerns about the Government’s decision to construct a tunnel to alleviate traffic congestion on the A303.

If an imminent rethink is not initiated, Stonehenge, one of the top tourist attractions in the country and a considerable money-spinner, may well lose its World Heritage Site status.

Given the time and money spent over many years to try and resolve what appears to be an insoluble problem, why not just abandon the project!

This has the virtue of saving the exchequer billions of pounds, at a time when the country cannot afford to maintain good public services, saving the travelling public further disruption and, potentially, saving archaeological remains that if the tunnel goes ahead will be lost to future generations.

Having lived in the area for 11 years, frequently travelling up and down the A303 to Devon, I have learned to live with delays; it is accepted as part of modern living. So let’s pull the plug on an ill-conceived project and save mega bucks!

Peter Beyfus

Diddledown Road,


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