I was born in Salisbury and I love the history and culture that stems from it.

Salisbury is an ancient medieval city with a rich history that must be upheld and respected.

Why is it a good thing that a childish mural is dominating the eyeline of everyday local people on Fisherton Street?

It is not part of our rich heritage and in a democratic sense, and we all hope it has nothing to do with our future!

Shall we paint the Haunch of Venison pub? 700 years old.... let's paint it sky blue and pink.

What you may call progressive, local folks call rubbish. We never asked for it, wanted it or needed it.

It's a virtue signal and self-butt kiss of the holier than thou Guardian reading self-righteous fools that can't see beyond their own pink paintbrush.

Let's have a vote on it and see what happens Salisbury Council?

I prefer Salisbury's real true history to this made-up fake false future!

Geoff Edwards

Wilton Road, Salisbury 

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