As the stately progress of the improvements in the Central Car Park and Fisherton Street get ever more stately, we have learned to avoid Salisbury in the car whenever possible.

But sometimes needs must especially as my wife is partially disabled.

Though it was a Friday afternoon it was not long after three and with luck crossing at Castle Roundabout to take the Amesbury Road would be easy.

However, the tailback for that roundabout began just after the traffic lights by Tesco's - in my experience the longest I have ever known.

Arriving at last under the railway bridge just before the roundabout I breathed a sigh of relief. We got halfway across as one always does in those traffic conditions.

A large double-decker came alongside, on my left, in the bus lane.

Greenlight, off we go.

Imagine my fright when this bus then overtook me on the inside. I must have come within inches of his offside back wheel.

He deserved a full blast fanfare on my hooter but I was too shocked to even exclaim.

If there really are 50+ tourists anxious to visit Stonehenge on a wet Friday afternoon in September at five o'clock, the green juggernaut that takes them there should not be driven by a cowboy. 

Tom Ridout

Victoria Road 


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