SCHOOL pupils participated in a collaborative art project alongside the Salisbury River Park Project and helped to steer some of the key elements including the design of the new play park.

The children at the Sarum St Paul's CofE school visited the project site and developed their understanding of flood risks and protective measures. They also learned about pollution, their local environment and animal habitats.

Headteacher Lizzie Weavers said: "The pupils have been so inspired by it and it has really added to our curriculum. We have even changed the names of our classrooms from wild animals to names of the nature around the area - hedgehogs, butterflies, bumble bees, dragonflies, swans and kingfishers."

Salisbury Journal: Sarum St Paul's River of LifeSarum St Paul's River of Life (Image: Sarum St Paul's school)

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The school received funding to provide sustainable drainage systems within the school and had two rain gardens built on some of the tarmac area.

Lizzie Weaver said: "The Environment Agency arranged it all. They did a site check and said a rain garden would be best. They are about three metres wide and filled with plants. It is just the edges that need to be finished and there will be wooden beams across.

"It is hugely successful. It has benefitted us so much."

Salisbury Journal: Sarum St Paul's new rain gardenSarum St Paul's new rain garden (Image: Sarum St Paul's school)Read more: Nature art auction to raise funds for conservation

Local artist Zac Newman is to design the artwork within the new playpark but a competition saw children from the school creating their own designs. Some will be utilised within the playpark itself. 

The pupils painted an animal which can be found in the rivers around Salisbury and created a large colour-coordinated river of flowing animals which has been installed on the mobile classroom for all to enjoy.

The artwork was made with reclaimed wood and is called ‘River of Life.’