Mr Dixon’s condemnation (‘Salisbury Journal’, September 28) of the government’s rethink on Britain’s use of fossil fuel is not hypocrisy but pragmatism in light of ever-shifting global events.

I agree the welfare of our planet is a priority and measures have been taken by this country to reduce harmful pollution.

But, I am sure Mr Dixon would agree, that securing our energy needs, reducing dependence on imported energy, safeguarding jobs and maintaining a competitive edge in world trade are equally important.

What is missing in the argument Mr Dixon advances is an acknowledgement Britain produces just one per cent of the world’s pollution. 

Surely it makes more sense to target those countries - USA, China, India, Russia - that are the worst offenders?

Future generations, like those in the past, will have to grapple with the challenges presented by an ever-increasing world population, shrinking resources and seismic changes in the pressures of migration.

On the positive side, posterity has been gifted the fruits of scientific and technological hard-earned progress over the last 360 years.

Peter Beyfus

Diddledown Road


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